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Early Life

Frank Wysochansky was born April 22, 1915 in Monessen, Pennsylvania. For most of his life, he lived in Blakely, Pennsylvania, a small mining town outside of Scranton, where his father, a miner, died in the coal mines. His small town surroundings would come to greatly influence his future as an artist and visionary.

Visionary Artist

A self-taught artist, his unique style of painting using mixed media, captured the life of the coal miner as no other artist could. He acted as an historian of mining lore and practice. Each painting and sculpture is a record of the actual techniques and mining gear used during the heyday of the Anthracite miner before, during and after World War II. His art was enhanced by his thorough knowledge of the coal pits.

American Hero

WYSO®, however, went beyond mere realism. His art is a mirror of the deeper realities in his miners: their camaraderie; their heroism; and the bedrock of their spirit - their profound stoicism. He has given us a striking symbol of the invincibility of the immigrant miner who helped build industrial America.